These are in-depth authorized autobiographical interviews. Interviews are edited at the discretion of interviewees. Final cut privilege gives subjects the freedom to give thoughtful answers to probing questions. The Q and A you see is approved by the interviewee.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by an interviewee are those of the interviewee. They are not necessarily shared by me, other interviewees, my employer, or my supporters. You can find many different, opposing perspectives on this site. Overall, this is a survey of the sometimes dissimilar experiences and outlooks of the people who do philosophy. This overview might help us understand philosophers better and give us insight into the nature of philosophy (if there is such a thing). Please consider this reporting rather than advocacy.

Mentioning or linking to another website does not imply that I, interviewees, my employer, or my supporters endorse the site, the contents of the site, or the creators of the site. If an interviewee thinks a site with immoral content, or a site that enables people to engage in immoral or illegal conduct, is noteworthy and they mention it, the reference will not be removed. If journalists refused to cover sites like Backpage and Silk Road--once obscure sites that facilitated immoral and illegal activity--they would not be doing their jobs. If it was morally permissible for journalists to talk about, and increase the visibility of, those now infamous sites, it seems it is morally permissible for subjects to mention less nefarious sites in interviews here. There should be places where we can bring these things to light. This is one of those places.

I struck off on my own doing this fully aware not everybody would share my vision, but I suspect most people appreciate the project. I hope you get something out of it and understand what I am trying to do here, even if you do not always approve of who I talk to or what we talk about. I find these issues interesting, so if you ever want to discuss them, feel free to send me a polite e-mail. Thank you for reading!