My name is Cliff Sosis. I'm a philosophy lecturer at Coastal Carolina University. I decided to start What Is It Like to Be a Philosopher? because I find philosophers fascinating! I’m interested in what philosophers were interested in before they got into philosophy. I want to know what their parents did, whether they were philosophical kids, what they were up to as undergrads, and what teachers or books inspired them. Did they consider doing something else? How did they decide on a dissertation topic? What was writing the dissertation like? Was the job market good? What is life like post-tenure (or without tenure)? What are philosophers interested in besides philosophy? What’s the ultimate goal of philosophy (if any)? In the interviews, I try to figure out how our theories shape our lives and vice versa. What do we have in common, if anything? The interviews give us a fuller picture of how the people who do philosophy work, and a better idea of how philosophy works. We don't really talk about this stuff as much as we should, I think. It doesn't hurt that these stories are also intrinsically interesting and often moving! If you like the site and have found it illuminating or inspiring, I would appreciate your support. Thanks for reading!